New Snippets

I like my stuffing in the bird, I’ve been eating it that way for 48 years and do not remember ever getting sick.

I have run with scissors

Why do people feel the need to post negative comments on a blog post about someone closing a restaurant they have worked very hard to open and maintain?

If you’re going to criticize someone’s work, don’t do it anonymously. Have some guts.

Some employers allow their chef to be a chef, others do not.

If you cannot handle an 8 top, wtf?

Take responsibility for your mistakes, if you throw me under the bus, I’m gonna crawl out the other side and sneak up behind you.

I keep a very clean and neat station, no matter how busy it gets.

I’m allowed to be a chef.

Tomorrow is pasta night at The Wine Bar.

I’ve just discovered Mike Colameco’s Real Food series on YouTube. The episode about a place called Buvette is my favorite.

I need to schedule my foot surgery

If you’re a reader of this new blog, I invite you to send me a friend request on Facebook.

I don’t want to be laid up for 6-8 weeks.

I’ve been watching instructional videos on effective blogging and food writing.

Just plain laid is OK however.

Dianne Jacob has some good informative videos on YouTube. She’s a food writer.


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