Snippets s’more

Sometimes I say bad words.

Pretty slow tonight.

My friend is closing his restaurant, I’m very sad about that.

Don’t confuse busy with unapproachable.

I’m not happy with the writing quality of my Restaurant Week post, I was once a very good writer, I will be again.

I want a dog.

Thank you to for a very flattering shout out, I promise to read you every day.

I just have to practice writing every day.

I’ll read the All Over Albany blog almost every day.

I really need to respond to comments on my blog to facilitate conversation, and also as a common courtesy to commenters. I will do better.

I’ll be doing a Turkish lamb dish on my winter menu.

Go to Mio Posto in Saratoga when you get the chance.

Also, cream of mushroom soup with cauliflower mousse.

All servers should know the menu well.

I’ll write much more about servers tomorrow night.

I married a (former) server.



5 thoughts on “Snippets s’more

  1. Along with Wine Bar, Mio Posto is one of the few places I’d eat in Saratoga off track season. Looking back at my first experience there, I was quite pleased (shameless plug: ). [But, two years later, I still haven’t found that Italian espresso machine guy in a basement in Schenectady yet…]

    I never did make it to Javiers, unfortunately, and I was disappointed to hear the news that they are closing.


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