Snippets III

I’m drinking bourbon.

I love knowing the customers.

I love knowing the customer’s likes and dislikes.

Today was long.

I want to know who’s at which tables.

Seat numbers aren’t that tough.

I once ran 31 miles.

I’m going in early tomorrow.

Restaurant Week is coming.

My sous chef wants to put monkfish cassoulet on the winter menu. I think we should.

I think we should do a Spanish-style red snapper. He thinks we should.

I’m watching Perry Mason.

Robert R is a gem.

Perry Mason does not put up with any bullshit.

Saratoga Springs needs a nice French Bistro.

Daniel Humm is cool

I mean a real French Bistro.

Bourbon will turn on you, generally the next day.

Gonna focus on some serious charcuterie for the winter menu.

I’ll start making some duck prosciutto tomorrow.

I’ve run to the top of Mt Marcy more than once.

This town needs an enema.

Naproxen works.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

How do you change a culture?

I challenge you to a steak frites contest.

Someone requested the frites not fried in duck fat. Sure, well start over, you got some time?

Going to bed.

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