More Snippets

You shouldn’t fire the second course if you haven’t ordered it yet.

I’m going to be using a lot of ducks for my winter menu.

I’ve been sneaking bone marrow into lots of things.

Quail isn’t selling well.

There will be a bunch of French bistro influenced dishes on my winter menu.

Please don’t show up 20 minutes late for your reservation then tell the server to have the kitchen hurry because you need to catch a train.

People still use rosemary sprigs as a garnish?

The winter menu will debut December 18th.

I read today on some chef kinda thing on Facebook that food is better than sex. Well, you’re doing it wrong, and your partner knows it.

I’m not a big Christmas fan.

Cooking is like sex in that sometimes you gotta get it done quickly, and sometimes it needs to be slow and simmering.

Please don’t ask the chef “what’s good tonight?”

When a chef asks you a question during service it generally requires a quick yes or no response. We don’t need to know your table is from Baltimore and they have 2 dogs named Abe and Lincoln.

I have several great ideas for restaurants.

There’s very little personal space in my kitchen.

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