If you’re going to order a rack of lamb well done with no starters, please don’t ask your server after ten minutes to check with the kitchen about the status of your food.

We had a reservation for 9 people tonight, they got a cheese sampler and a humus.

A server fell in the dining room.

I have knobs for almost all the burners on the stoves.

I have a new dishwasher, he’s 15. Who the hell is raising this kid? He’s more conscientious and has a better work ethic than many grown-ups I’ve seen.

My sous chef does a great job, he’ll be a very good chef one day.

A lot of people with fine arts degrees wait tables.

Shift beer is good. Beer in general is good.

I really like people who are punctual. That includes staff and people with reservations.

I forgot to eat today.

I forget to pee while at work sometimes.

“Yes, you do send multiple orders at the same time, I’m not an idiot, your name and the time prints on the ticket.”

I’ll put our steak frites against anyone’s.

We flip our steak every 20-30 seconds.

My feet hurt so bad, my 10 minute walk home takes 20 minutes.

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