Wine, truffles, fresh pasta, poached eggs

Chef’s day off was quite eventful to say the least. Our little girl Stella was discharged from Albany Medical Center this afternoon after 5 days. There was still no actual diagnosis, except the consensus that a virus or two has invaded her little body and made her sleep for ten days and counting. She’s lost ten percent of her body weight, and anyone who knows Stella knows that she can ill afford to drop 3 pounds.

I asked Stella what she wanted for supper and she said noodles, so fresh pasta was in order, and since I’ve made a pound or two in the past, I knew what to do. Not to be overlooked was the fact that Mom had been at Stella’s side 24-7, so her input mattered. She requested fresh pasta with asparagus, mushrooms, truffle, and a poached egg. Done. A great recommendation by Noel at Purdy’s for this meal was a great Italian wine, a 2013 Etna Rosso. Earthy and complex.

I’ll work on fattening Stella up. Been a bitch of a week.

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