Tuesday October 14, 2014

Tuesdays are tough, it’s my Monday. This Tuesday has turned out to be especially difficult. My little girl Stella who just turned four years old this month has been sick for the past week and is now at Albany Medical Center to see the nice folks from infectious diseases. She has already had a battery of tests at Malta Medical (staffed by Albany Med.), with no clue why she has been vomiting, running a fever, and sleeping like a brown bear in January for seven days.

One thing that has made my day tolerable is arriving at work this morning and seeing that my employers Dale and Judy Evans (Melissa Evans is enjoying St. Petersburg, Fl) put down mats in the kitchen to ease my aching feet, did my laundry including my colorful work socks, and showed their genuine concern for Stella. I could not work for a better family.

Another thing that has made this day and many days easier is that when I leave for work in the morning I leave my young children with their Aunt Erinn.

Ultimately the greatest comfort comes from knowing Stella is with her mother, the best known advocate I could imagine for her well-being.

The Wine Bar was pretty mellow tonight, until 10 minutes before closing when I had more orders than at any time all night. I’m all about doing business, but on this particular night I was cleaned up and ready to leave so I could relieve my mother-in-law, who gets up early for work, from her duties watching Tate while Jenny (I can call her Jenny, no one else can) has Stella at the hospital. It’s all good, I’m a cook, so I cook for people who want to eat. I did say a few mother-fuckers and fuckin’ assholes during the process, but in the end I made all those hungry folks a great meal and was happy to do it.



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